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Katia’s story is a bit simple and ordinal. She was born in a small village, and was raised on a farm worked by her mother and father and three brothers. Eager for the advantages of the city, she would venture in on the weekends looking for adventure and opportunity. And she soon found it as a Galitsin model. She was walking with her friends and the photographer met her. He suggested her working at once. But Katia had been thinking for a long time, before came to Grig’s studio. First she came with her best friend.

And now, not only is she a model for Grigori, but she is quickly becoming one of his most popular. Fan mail is pouring in, all of it in utter admiration for this classic Russian beauty. With her shoulder-length auburn hair, full lips, and well-endowed figure, this young and petite coquette is the perfect blend of adorable and desirable. Katia was very pleased to know that she had a lot of fans. And when she knew about that she became more cheerful.

Katia is working with Galitsin in her free time. The model has entered a college this year, and she’s excited about her studies. She wants to be an interpreter.

She is learning English, and she already knows French. So the model likes traveling. She has already visited Paris, the USA, Germany, on Corsica and many other countries. Katia has always been interested in foreign cultures.

Katia is on friendly terms with Krista (a new Grig’s model), and the girls like to spend their weekends together. They enjoy playing tennis; watching romantic comedies. They also like to go to night clubs. So soon you will see quite a few pictures with both of them.

We have hundreds of photos of Katia on our site, and many more coming soon. And we are making films with Katia and Krista, where the model is speaking English.

This delicate beauty enjoys posing for the camera, and feels comfortable working with the master, Grigori. Galitsin, as a genuine artist, was able to guess and reproduce through photos not only her marvelous appearance but also her rich inner world. Her honest openness and eagerness to please are winning fans among our members. Why not come in and see what the entire buzz is about?

Katia from Galitsin Katia from Galitsin Katia from Galitsin

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