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Anais… so do you think that she looks like Katia Mitina? If you do, you are right. Anais is a young sister of one of the most popular models. And she is every bit as beautiful, and excited to be posing nude, as her legendary sister. In some way the sisters are different, but they have always been as close as twins, in spite of the fact that Anais is a few years younger than Katia. When we asked her about her sister, she said "My sister is very beautiful, and many men see her all over the world. For me that is good for her. I am happy if something like that can happen to me. But I am not jealous. I love her and am glad for her celebrity."

She was born in a little village, in the family of 7: she has 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Anais is the youngest daughter and her parents haven’t had enough money to spend on her. That’s why Anais went to Volgograd to study and to earn some money. She has to support her old parents. But the model is very cheerful and optimistic, she likes her job. Now she has just a few weekends, because she studies in the local Pedagogical University and works in a perfume store after it. She is going to teach little kids, she likes them so much!!! Anais is very kind and nice.

Anais has always dreamed to become famous, that’s why she is very pleased to work with Galitsin. Anais is very interesting to talk to and to deal with. She likes to create new styles. That’s why you can see different Anais. Don’t miss new photos with her! The perfect blonde in different styles on our site…you must see her pictures!

Anais from Galitsin Anais from Galitsin Anais from Galitsin

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